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Communication Labs is a behavioral science and technology company that develops instruments for thought-leaders and leading universities, providing their users with personalized and sophisticated actionable insights. These custom instruments are used to help individuals, organizations, educators and leaders achieve improved outcomes through analysis and predictive insights. Our collaborations with thought-leaders and universities lead to impactful and insightful instruments (‘accelerators') that leverage important research in psychology and behavioral science, along with the know-how of the influential individuals and institutions we work with.



Communication Labs was founded to provide scale to leading research, ideas and methods on human performance. The Founders of Communication Labs believe that this can be achieved by developing instruments and ‘accelerators’ that combine research, people analytics, behavioral science and personal technology that is easily accessible. 

Communication Labs developed the Thrive Matters platform to support customized solutions developed in collaboration with thought-leaders, institutions and organizations. Through the development of instruments and accelerators, these collaborations allow for expanded reach and impact of valuable methodology and insights, helping to provide improved outcomes in performance and wellbeing.

Founded by seasoned professionals with backgrounds in behavioral science, organizational psychology, software development and leadership of organizational change, Communication Labs offers smart, innovative solutions to partners, clients and users worldwide.

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At Communication Labs we combine our expertise in developing validated instruments for thought-leaders and educational institutions with our people analytics and insight platform Thrive Matters


Communication Labs’ expertise in instrument and ‘accelerator’ development and personal web applications provides us with the ability to create, deliver and support engaging and high impact tools to operationalize and scale the know-how and insights of our partners. 


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Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education
Standards 3 & 4

S4A & S3A Assessment Instruments

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